• Hashira Collection

Japanese Washi Papermakers

A field trip to traditional Japanese Washi papermakers inspired Norm Architects to create the Hashira Collection. A fusion of East and West and of tradition and modernity, the collection of floor, table, wall and ceiling lamps, as well as a miniature portable iteration, profiles a perfect balance of aesthetics and proportion and simplicity and character. Bringing a warm glow and subtle tactility to spaces thanks to its considered combination of wood and linen, the Hashira Collection is equally suited to private homes as it is to restaurants, hotels and office spaces. The Hashira Collection is available in white and raw.


Designed by Norm Architects

Norm Architects was founded in 2008 by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn. Norm works within residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, graphics and art direction. The name ‘Norm’ signifies the importance of drawing inspiration from norms and traditions within the fields of architecture and aesthetics, which have been refined throughout the centuries.

Spreading ambient light in a room, it makes a purposeful collection above a dining table, in a reception area or hotel bedroom