• Kubus Collection

Perfectly Proportioned Geometric Steel Frame

More than sixty years since it was first created, the Kubus Collection remains at the forefront of covetable Danish design. Striking yet simple in its expression, Mogens Lassen designed the first of the Kubus candle holders in 1962. New pieces swiftly followed. A perfectionist by nature, he left nothing to chance. Experimenting with forms and functions and Bauhaus ideals, the Kubus Collection is based around a perfectly proportioned geometric steel frame that challenges the material and satisfies the senses. From the first design to tealight and hurricane iterations, as well as bowls, flowerpots, vases that double as storage solutions, a bottom plate to prevent drips and damage to surfaces, and a candle snuffer and a matchbox, the Kubus Collection continues to evolve in step with modern needs.


More than sixty years since it was first created