• Iconic Lighting Collection

The Mid-century Pieces

Created with a deep understanding of the interplay between light and space, our collection of lighting icons is as distinctive as it is memorable, impacting the atmosphere, mood and aesthetic of a space. The mid-century pieces, crafted by notable minds, deliver ambient, task and accent lighting for harmonious illumination at the flick of a switch.



Designed by Alf Svensson

Created in the 1950s by Swedish designer Alf Svensson, Collector is a series of three mid-century lighting designs. Fusing classic elegance with graphic forms, the timeless fixtures are shaped from brass and powder-coated metal into chandelier shapes for the wall and ceiling.


Wing Collection

Modernist and minimal in form, the timeless task lights take their cues from nature: a folded aluminium shade resembles the wings of a bird in flight. The adjustable shade rotates, allowing the user to direct the light to exactly where it is required.


Resonant Pendant

Designed in the 1950s by Alf Svensson and Yngvar Sandström, Resonant is as relevant today as ever. The mid-century pendant lamp is both striking and simple, shaped from polished brass into four concentric shades that direct glare-free light downwards. Well suited to any space, its name alludes to a visual interplay between light and sound, reflecting off the shiny surface and reverberating across a room.