Designed by Norm Architects

The plinth has long been a much mused-over object. In collaboration with Norm Architects, Audo Copenhagen set out to rethink its uses and to reveal the beauty of natural materials. The result is a series of multifunctional podiums for the home, office or showroom. Handcrafted in Portugal, the Plinth Collection profiles perfectly aligned forms and unique beauty: Plinth Low, Plinth Cube, Plinth Tall, Plinth Bridge and Plinth Pedestal are equal parts beautiful and timeless as sculptural and sophisticated platforms for a multitude of uses. The sharp, clean silhouette of each design stands in striking contrast to the unique patterns of stone and marble used to create it.

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Horizontal or vertical, tall or low, designs from the Plinth Collection highlight the inherent beauty of marble and stone as well as a family heirloom, floral arrangement or intriguing sculpture.

Uplifting in every sense, the Plinth Collection is offered in a range of beautiful materials including white-veined grey kendzo marble and mineral-rich kunis breccia stone.

Put to use as a coffee table, the Plinth Grand brings together sleek lines, natural materials and everyday function.

Elevating not only the objects that rest upon it, but also the room in which it stands, the Plinth Low and Plinth Bridge podiums offer a beautiful and space-saving way to display objects.

The Plinth Collection fills negative space with depth and dimension, while giving a favourite object take pride of place.