Sofia Tufvasson

The ceramicist Sofia Tufvasson creates art objects in her studio in Stockholm.Defined by clean lines, billowing shapes and a fantastic way of catching light.  Clayis a fascinating material for Sofia Tufvasson. Having worked in thetwo-dimensional world as graphic designer, the clay now offers her freedom tothink and create three-dimensionally. Her work is inspired by an eye-catchingshape, or a certain shadow “Most often I catch a stroke of inspiration insituations that are not related to art. It’s usually just a shape that catchesmy eye that I later process and work into something new.”  ”Icreate pieces that I would like to see in my own home. The goal of my art is toevoke a curiosity in the observer, I want them to feel a desire to touch andfeel the object they have in front of them. I would describe my work as modernyet timeless. I want them to fit in every home and every style.”