Frame, 70

Frame, 70

Designer Mogens Lassen

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Frame, 70

Frame, 70

Designer Mogens Lassen

The versatile and sleek Frame 70 allows you to create entirely new combinations and a new geometric expression for existing or new Frame arrangements. The new Frame 70 is designed based on the same cubist thinking as the rest of the collection, but it is now taller and slimmer. This makes it possible to use it in narrow places or tight spaces. Frame 70 can also be used to a supplement, so the personal Frame arrangement gets a new and updated look.

The Frame 70 module can be hung directly on the wall or stand on their own on the floor on the cubistic base “Base for Frame 35”, that both fits the Frame 70 and the Frame 35 modules. Combine the Frame modules to a classic bookcase, a nightstand, a room divider, or something else. The Frame modules are available with or without doors, shelves, or drawers, so you can find the storage solution that matches your need for organisation and storage. This variant contains a Frame 70 with a door and two shelves.


Selected: 2 Open Shelves


Selected: Frame - Dark Grey

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SKU BL39801


Aluminium, MDF with melamine or ash/oak veneer


H: 70 cm
W: 35 cm
D: 35 cm
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Mogens Lassen

Considered one of Denmark’s greatest and most influential architects, Mogens Lassen pioneered Danish Functionalism, taking his cues from Bauhaus sensibilities. His interior designs are a natural continuation of his architectural approach and add energy and atmosphere to everyday living spaces and tasks. From decorative objects to larger furniture designs, his designs delicately balance presence without drawing undue attention, finding their natural place in any space.