Rail Desk

Rail Desk

Designer Keiji Ashizawa Design

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Rail Desk

Rail Desk

Designer Keiji Ashizawa Design

Audo’s new Rail Desk, imagined by Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa, explores the way in which we use space and how design elements can be adapted to serve different functions. Looking to the world of architecture, the neat, precisionmade piece conveys a sense of serene practicality. With multiple functions – as a desk, counter or shelf to store books, hung at any height you choose – it lends itself to almost any setting and fits neatly into living areas as well as bedrooms where space is at a premium. The minimalist steel bracket attaches to a wall and takes its cues from the handrail of a staircase. The wooden platform, available in natural or stained oak, provides a tactile contrast to the precision metalwork.

“Neat. Serene. Practical. This small desk has multiple functions; as a little library or workspace, or as additional counter space. The beautiful design fits into any space, and the combinational of tactile wood and lightweight steel create an expression of minimal beauty.” – Keiji Ashizawa


Selected: Natural Oak

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Oak Veneer

Our wooden furniture is offered in two different types – natural wood veneers and solid wood – equal in beauty and with only minor differences in look and durability. Wood veneers are made from thin sheets of natural wood that are applied to a base of MDF, plywood or chipboard, giving the surface the appearance of solid wood. The final product is then varnished with polyurethane for a durable, easy-care finish and to prevent spills damaging the surface and underlying design. Wood veneer furniture uses less wood than its solid counterparts, making it a more affordable option. Furthermore, wood veneers are less prone to splintering and warping that can result from a solid wood design.


H: 21,2 cm
W: 92 cm
D: 45 cm
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Keiji Ashizawa Design

Keiji Ashizawa graduated from the Yokohama National University Department of Architecture and began his professional career in 1996, working in an architecture firm. In 2002, he officially joined the bespoke steel furniture workshop 'super robot', where he began working on original furniture and lighting fixtures. In 2005, he founded Keiji Ashizawa Design, whose motto is 'Honest Design'. Ashizawa designs architecture, interiors and furniture with an emphasis on craft. In addition to working on a variety of domestic and international architecture and interior projects and for furniture manufacturers, he is also the head of Ishinomaki Laboratory, which was born as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake.